Best Buy

today i put in an application at a local bestbuy. and i did it right from my home. all i had to do was go to and look for a career link and viola. its amazing that today people are able to submit an application through the internet. it was so simple and took only 20 minutes of my time. even though it asked me every question from what i like to do, to my cup size ha just kidding. it did ask me a lot of questions on how i would react to certain situations. so in a sense it gave me an interview too. but the whole point behind this is that new media is everywhere now. like this form of new media represents automation if im correct which is basically trying to digitally replace applications. its simply incredible how fast technology is moving forward…

well i pretty much ran out of things to say so im just going to talk about the new super smash bros. game thats coming out soon. god i cannot wait for that co come out its nearly killing me. for like the last couple weeks ive been going over my friends house to play smash bros. melee its just soo much fun. even though i suck i still enjoy playing. i cant wait for brawl to come out and im just going to use solid snake all the time. god these next couple moths are gunna be fantastic.


~ by thainfamousmobb on February 28, 2008.

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