Beer Pong

BP Babyyyy!!!!!

im not really sure if beer pong has any connection what so ever to new media but im going to find one.

i personally love to play beer pong. mainly because im good at it and i really enjoy the taste of a nice fresh beer. Beer Pong is a simple game that consists of two ping pong balls and twenty two solo cups. beer pong can be played on many surfaces from long tables to short tables to islands in your kitchen to god knows what. i personally think that beer pong should be considered Americas past time. god so many good times come from a beer pong table. theres no feeling like the feeling you get when u sink that last cup. also for many of you that dont know playing beer pong is a good way to pick up ladies, especially if u are playing against them. now remember kids the more she drinks the hotter you look 😉 also if u can show her that you know whats up by fuckin shit up at pong then she is going to want your junk so bad and she’ll pounce on you like a cheetah. and if your reading this right now and saying omg really? then your a moron. if u have no game with the ladies then beer pong isnt going to help you, itll just get u drunk. now that im done bullshitting its time to get down to business….

now when you play beer pong it is kinda like the model for 2 way communication. because the ball being thrown from my hand is a message which when landing in the cup has reached the reciever who decodes that thought and takes a cup away then takes his shot which is like sending back annother message or replying


~ by thainfamousmobb on February 28, 2008.

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