The Diary of the 21st Century

I remember that not more than five or six years ago my sisters used to keep diaries in a little lock book under they’re beds. Now if they kept a diary the old fashioned way they’d be looked at like a four eyed freak. haha it just goes to show how times change so quickly. i don’t want to know what its going to be like in five more years. i mean the change from diaries to blogs has changed so quickly. I just wonder what its going to be like in the future. Whats going to replace blogs in the near future? only time will tell. i love to watch technology take its course. look at video game systems. they are constantly being upgraded or replaced. video games came out fifteen to twenty years ago and there are already more types of consoles than i can count on one hand. technology gets better and better, year by year. when it comes to new technology the possibilities are endless. which is why i feel that the future is so promising. i cannot wait to see what the future brings because i love technology and i cant get enough of it. i love playing video games and using computers and i just cant wait for more and better things to come along.


~ by thainfamousmobb on February 14, 2008.

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