The Age of the n00b


There nothing more fun than jumping on xbox live and and popping in halo 3. i love video games soooooooo much. even though i don’t let them run my life i still enjoy the trill of sticking someone with a spike grenade or shooting someone with a spartan laser. but the one thing that always ruins the thrill of the game is when you have an annoying ass kid that is screaming “boom head shot” or “wow noob you suck”. its amazing how tuff people get when your not face to face and your hundreds of miles away. i couldn’t tell you how many times i’ve been playing a game on xbox live and had to set a kid in his place because he feels like hes hot shit and that hes the hardest dude to have ever lived. i just don’t get how kids that are obviously 11, due to the fact that they talk like they are on helium, get they’re hands on a game thats only suitable for people that are over the age of 17. but when i was playing last night i really started to think about how much really goes into these video games. video games these days have amazing graphics and have so much interactivity that it is ridiculous. like when you speak into your micro phone a little speaker image shows up to show that your speaking. when i was playing i was thinking about how much new media is involved in video games. the fact that when u hit a button and the game reacts to what you just did. its amazing how games have so much packed into them that you don’t even notice.


~ by thainfamousmobb on February 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Age of the n00b”

  1. Dr. Phil is stupid.

  2. süpper lan kele

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